About us


IMLITEX LATVIA SIA (BCG RIGA SIA) is a dynamically growing company of IMLITEX HOLDINGS (, which offers various types of raw materials to the producers on the Latvian market (salt, chemical production raw materials, food raw materials, trade of electricity, etc.).

IMLITEX HOLDINGS is a group of specialized companies, one of the largest diversified group companies in the Baltic States, offering a wide range of raw materials. At present, the group of companies includes 16 companies.

The company IMLITEX LATVIA SIA (BCG RIGA SIA), established in 2003, takes over the good traditions of IMLITEX HOLDINGS and, having its own experience, has gained a solid and reliable partner reputation. Since 2005, the company is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce.

Like all IMLITEX HOLDINGS companies, our benefits are: 

  • competitive prices;
  • efficient and high quality customer service;
  • maximum reaction and changes in the market situation;
  • work with a creative and knowledgeable team;
  • long-lasting and strategically meaningful business communications;
  • environmental protection.

We are always happy to make new business business contacts, becoming mutually beneficial cooperation partners.

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